Interest rates on credit – Negative interest rates for private customers

Expenses for credit on top of it: that promises now creditend and says that in principle, that you can still get paid by borrowing money ! How can that be?

IMPORTANT: The offer at -0.4% interest has been replaced! With a loan amount of 1000 euros and a 36-month term, a negative interest rate of -3% is now offered on the loan taken out. smava 0 percent credit

On July 17, 2017, creditend unveiled one incredible news for many: the credit comparison offers interest at -0.4% negative interest . Now the loan is offered in this form for the second time, for those who missed the chance the first time. However, the -0.4% probably no longer enough and the offer has been further improved. Until the end of March, the loan is available at an interest rate of -3%. So that means you get interest on the loan. If you take the credit of 1000 € on, you only have to repay something over 950 €, so effectively gets 50 € for free. Just because. But how can the negative interest loan work?

How does the negative interest loan work?

How does the negative interest loan work?

The loan is offered on the following terms:
• Net loan amount: 1,000 euros
• Duration : 36 months
• APR : -3%
We have already reported on the phenomenon of 0% loans in an article. But now you should even be paid to take a loan, which of course makes you suspicious. How can such a thing – interest on credit – finance or pay?
To the negative interest credit of creditend

That’s what creditend says


Alexander Artopé, founder and managing director of the credit comparison creditend, commented on the negative interest rate loan: “With this offer we sensitize consumers to the significant price differences between cheap online and more expensive branch loans. The 0% loan offered by us since 2015 was the first step. Now follows with the negative interest loan an even clearer signal. “

Interest on credit – Useful promotion for customers

Interest on credit - Useful promotion for customers

But of course that still is not an answer to how such a negative interest loan can pay off for the provider. A loan with negative interest in favor of the customer means nothing else than that creditend loses more money to the banks from which the money comes: in the case of the negative interest credit this is the execubank, which has a partnership with creditend.

A clear indication is that the possibility of – 40% credit is only available to new customers . For example, nobody can simply close the loan multiple times. It is basically just a promotion.

Although this costs money for creditend, it is certainly the hope behind it that customers later take out loans again, even on slightly worse terms, and perhaps in higher sums.

Conclusion on the negative interest loan

Conclusion on the negative interest loan

Nevertheless, of course, the offer is not bad – insofar as you get it. Because it is still up to the banks to decide in the end whether the loan will be issued to a particular customer.

But for those who are skeptical: the loan does exist and actually works in the advertised way. So you have to pay less money than you borrowed and so anyone can afford this loan .

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